Livingston knee painless,Could retire at the end of the season for sports

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Livingston inNBAFor many years,Also played for teams to ten,But he thinks it is time to over。“This is my real body state now,Not too good”Livingston in one in the face of many journalists said at the meeting,From the point of view of the body,If I am in good health,Have fun,Then I want to continue...Read the full article

Mr Harper's team in district of Columbia, to obtain the title of the best team in Philadelphia?

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On the way to the field,Can hear to Philadelphia, shaw fans shouted all the way,It is shawna fans in Harper's first6The bureau's singles and the first8Met Mr Harper's bureau after the end of the fans,Some polluted and damaged the Philadelphia fans Harper jersey,The philliesLeFans in addition to the sat silent,Didn't do anything。...Read the full article

Special self-confidence,Made strong76Ers

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76Ers,No matter in any game,As an unexpected effect,Let all theLeIt shocked netizens,Although some pride,But,They did let us gasp in admiration for it。7People's confidence is stems from the fact of validation76Ers could really with other goals...Read the full article

For sports:“Really didn't mean to!” Jose mourinho has defended contused smolin messi events!

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Smolin just one“One tall,Hand is longer,So such an accident will happen” Jose mourinho talked about defensive player of the Manchester and Barcelona star Lionel messi,Throughout the yearLeSports leagues in the game when the collision happened,Attitude is very down,In his view,Smolin should move...Read the full article

Music sports facing adversity,Is an opportunity or challenge?

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East the most stable team over the past four years——Red and black team is facing the most difficult season,This is the2013In one of the biggest challenges for expansion。A lot of people as it is a red and black teamLeThe offseason。In fact,Red and black team really facing adversity,But adversity may bring opportunities,Red and black...Read the full article

The highly anticipated,Gaye and McGregor duel:“This is my dream”

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In the past few weeks,Connor·McGregor has dominated the headlines。From announced his retirement,The legal dispute,With hubby to cloth·Nur Ma Gemei madoff started a culture war,McGregor has been to remind all of us,He still isLeSports the most dazzling star。As McGregor last week...Read the full article

Big game companies being investigated,India has banned the game

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Competition and market administration in a about todayLeEntertainment news release said,To heaven、SONY and Microsoft“Automatically update the terms and conditions”The impartiality of the investigation。The content of the investigation“Competition and market administration(CMA)Some worry that the company business behavior is legal,For example, they use automatically...Read the full article

Kitty zhang after hearing music cast net friend evaluation,His face changed,Close to collapse


Recently this period of time the variety is too many,Make a lot of people every day to open the video software。《I and my agent》Can be said to be the first one to show variety of workplace situation inside,So still have a lot of heat。But the atmosphere is really depressed、Nervous,Let a person see the willies...

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